Tuesday, 12 September 2017

results in 3D

Stage 1 in Yorkshire have invited me to use their scanner and 3D printer. Both are state of the art and the printer is huge - you could hold a party in there! Not knowing what to expect I used really textured paper for the paper maquette with torn edges, with complex forms and plenty of tricky to scan places. Here is the first result - I am amazed at what has been achieved (thanks to Jake at Stage 1) and now have plans to test the scanner and printer even more! 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

making friends with the M1

I shall be playing with a state of the art scanner and a 3D printer bigger than my kitchen thanks to the fabulous Stage 1 Ltd, based in Yorkshire Many thanks to Mark for setting it up, Edwin for showing us round, Jake for being amazing with a scanner and to Paul Bonomini, a fab sculptor

Brancaster part 2

I love being in my studio though it can be tough and sometimes lonely.  I do need to get out and talk about what I am doing and see what other people are up to. The Brancaster Chronicles is a way of being able to discuss painting and sculpture, seeing what other artists are doing and sharing ideas. It is a fabulous network.  This weekend we had the privilege of seeing Tony Smart sculpture and Anne Smart paintings in beautiful Norfolk

 Tony Smart's superb sculptures, so vibrant and stunningly complex

 Anne Smart introducing her fabulous paintings, highly detailed

Friday, 9 June 2017

A Free Moment at Oxo

I am delighted that is on show with the Free Painters and Sculptors group on at the Oxo Gallery on the Southbank. See you there!

'A Free Moment' is a summer pop-up exhibition from art group the Free Painters and Sculptors (FPS). 

Celebrating its 65th year, FPS is delighted to be exhibiting for the first time in gallery@oxo in the iconic Oxo Tower building. 

Exhibition dates: June 7 - 11
Open daily 11am-7pm 
Free admission
Private View: Friday June 9 
Open 6.30-8.30pm
rsvp: info@freepaintersandsculptors.co.uk

gallery@oxo | Oxo Tower Wharf | Bargehouse Street | London | SE1 9PH

gallery@oxo is owned and managed by Coin Street Community Builders: www.coinstreet.org

Felix and Spear

'Cene' has been selected for the very fine Felix and Spear gallery for their summer exhibition. I am very proud to be in such excellent company.
Summer Exhibition 2017

A carefully selected exhibition of Modern British and Contemporary art by established artists showcasing paintings, drawings, sculpture and printmaking.

Modern British:
Margaret Fisher Prout (1875-1963)
Lucy Harwood (1893-1972)
Paul Nash (1889-1946)
Ronald Ossory Dunlop (1894-1973)
Patrick Procktor (1936-2003)
Leon Underwood (1890-1975)

Peter Clossick (b. 1948)
Richard Cook (b. 1947)
Susanne du Toit (b. 1955)
Katherine Gili (b. 1948)
Alexandra Harley (b. 1958)
Julie Held (b. 1958)
Owen Normand (b. 1984)
David Redfern (b. 1947)
Melissa Scott-Miller (b. 1959)
David Shutt (b.1945)
David Wiseman (b. 1949)

8 June - 31 August 2017

Tues-Fri 10.30-18.00   Sat 11.00-15.00

Sunday, 19 March 2017


I am delighted that 'Bitan' has been shortlisted for the RA summer exhibition, perhaps I should say nothing for fear of jinxing it......too late!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Four go off to a foundry

We were back to the foundry today to empty the sandpit and collect our bronzes. It was another beautiful spring day, the birds were singing though the peahen did not put in an appearance and we were also serenaded by the local church bells. Now comes some serious use of a wire brush and a hacksaw